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Buy TATCOIN; Be a part of Africa's most valuable utility token.

About Us

About ABiT Network

We are focused on helping you understand and easily use blockchain powered solutions everyday.

Our goal is to empower Africans with the right knowledge of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. The long term benefit is the rise of smart 21st Century investors and traders who will be at the forefront of blockchain innovation. We are aiding this rise with the introduction of various marketplaces that harness the powers and advantages provided by blockchain technology.

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Our Products

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Tatcoin is the native token for the ABiTNetwork. It will serve as the transactional Currency for all of ABiTNetwork's products.

Cloud Based


We have simplified real estate investment, making it possible for you to invest in real estate online and for as low as $15.

No transaction fees


With our simple system you can Learn and Trade Cryptocurrency from anywhere using your mobile phone.

ABiT Network

ABiT Reps

We pay you $90(30K Naira) Monthly for joining our Community of People Sharing Blockchain Solutions Created for Africa + free Vacations with ABiT Go

ABiT Network


Travel is no more just luxury, but a necessary part of human existence. We've created the perfect travel partner for you, that will guarantee you have easy, affordable and amazing trips. We will even pay you for travelling

ABiT Network

ABiT Play

We see play as work. That's why we've created a game and entertainment platform where you can catch fun and earn money doing that. Finally you can play with work.

ABiT Network

ABiT Farm

There is increasing demand for organic food across the world and this means there is a huge market for food as the world population increases. You can invest in our generational products agro business which guarantees great returns on investment.

ABiT Network

ABiT Pay

We have made accessing and spending your cryptocurrency easier and more simple, particularly in Africa. With our Lifestyle and Luxury cards you can make instant transactions and spend your crypto on the go.

ABiT Network

ABiT Discount Shoppers

Everyone deserves to shop quality for less. So we've created the world’s first discount sales platform. You can shop your daily needs for up to 30 percent discount and even earn money by signing up as a delivery agent in your area.

ABiT Network

ABiT Charity

Using blockchain technology we have made philanthropy more transparent, and decentralized.

ABiT Network

ABiT Skills Mart

ABiT Skills Mart is an online SKILLS ACQUISITION ACADEMY where People can learn or teach profitable digital skills on the GO! ABiT Skills Mart is unique because it also connects the best students to well paying digital jobs where they can work remotely and earn a living.

ABiT Network

College Situation

An Interactive app that connects students with schools, scholarships & fellowships abroad

Meet Our Team


Gaius Chibueze

Chief Marketing Officer.

Raymond Idu