Become An ABiT Rep

Do you believe that you have what it takes to help drive the ABiT Netowrk's mission to help provide Blockchain solutions for the common man ?

We are seeking partners as we build this vision and we have set strutures in place to ensure that our partners gets rewarded for their time and passion.

We believe in the power of Humans to drive change and growth and we would love to have you join us in this movement for growth and empowerment.

There are different ways by which you can earn as an ABIT Rep :

1) You can get people to register under you and participate in our token sale, you get a 10% commission for everyone who buys up to a minimum of $100 worth of Tatcoin through you.

2) You can earn through referring people to the ABiT Crowd platform , this nets you a 3% commision for any property purchase that they make.

3) You can also invite people to trade cryptocurrencies and also signup for educational courses on the ABiT Trader App, you will get commissions for their different purchase actions.

To join the ABiT Rep program, take the following steps :

1) Click on the Get Started button and fill the input your details in the required sections. You will get an approval message within 24 hours.

2) Download and subscribe to any application of your choice, while this is not a complusory requirement, it is important for you to make use of what you promote.

3) You would recieve a marketing guide in your mail that will provide you with the right promotional strategies.

As an ABiT Rep the neccessary materials that you would be using for social online marketing activities would be make availble to you.

However you can still get creative and produce any form of marketing material you feel would also be effective

All your referal links would be present on your dashboard for easy retrival, you would also see a real time tracking of all your referals and the different actions that they are taking, this makes all commision related transactions transparent.

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