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You can invest your TATCOIN and earn yearly from GENERATIONAL AGRICULTURAL FARMS like Cocoa, Cashew, Palm Oil, Coconut and Animal Farms. On ABiTFarm you can earn for as long as 20 years or more. Get The ABiTFarm App now.


With TATCOIN you can learn how to become an expert Bitcoin/Cryptocurrencies trader by yourself or learn from our EXPERTS by clicking LEARN on the ABiTRADER App and paying for the training. Get The ABiTRADER App now to start learning.


With ABiTCrowd, everything is simplified, making it possible for you to invest in REAL ESTATE with as low as 25 dollars (10,000 Naira). Now, the bigger deal is that you can pay with TATCOIN making it even more affordable because you pay ZERO INVESTMENT FEES when you use TATCOIN. Get The ABiTCROWD App now